Dresses: Day 85

I had really, really high hopes for this :

I love the stripes on this fabric — and I matched them (on the front at least) pretty well:

I like the offset stripes of the neck facing:

The back stripes don’t match so much:

Unfortunately this dress is SUPERWRINKLY. I don’t usually care about wrinkles, but after three minutes in this dress you look like you’ve been hiding under the sink for three hours. It looked like this less than five minutes after ironing, only from the exertion of getting it on the dress form:

So I ended up not wearing it that often, and on one of the rare occasions when I did wear it, I also managed to rip it under the arm and I don’t think it’s easily fixable:

More photos on the , when I was still full of hope for this one. Oh well, good thing there’s plenty of fabric in the world, huh?


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  1. Okay, I’ve got the sources for all of your lovely quotes and figured out what the unifying theme is today (), but now my librarianly heart wants to know how you found and chose these *particular* quotes?

    (And thank you for this particular sport!)


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