Dresses: Day 84

I have no idea what the name of this Liberty fabric is, but this pattern is :

Here, you can check out the fabric (it’s Liberty TWILL, how I wish they still made this regularly) and incidentally the matching at the seams:

I really like this neckline:

The split of the neck tends to flip open, so I made a virtue of necessity and gave it a bright facing:

I used the same bright orange for the pockets:

And the back:

I posted about this dress .


3 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 84

  1. blue and orange is always good. the print looks a bit like thumbprints, or fingerpainting.

    I have no idea, not a scientist, but I really want to use Hyperbolic Structure and Geodesic Laminations in conversation.


  2. hi erin,

    xlent pattern matching at center front & back. could you modify pattern to eliminate center seams (& thus 2 fewer matches to make)?

    genl ?s:
    1) when you convert a back-zip to a side-zip, how long do you make the zipper? where does it go along the side seam: beginning near underarm, or centered about waist?
    2) have seen some ‘vintage vogue’ patterns at joann’s. how do they compare with the original versions? are there any other easily available repro’s that you can recommend?
    3) have you ever made a ‘franken-dress’; ie: bodice/ sleeve/ skirt from different patterns? any tips on making it look better than it sounds?


  3. Okay, I admit it, I have been lurking for several years. Wonderful stuff you post. But I finally have to comment. Day 84 and no mention of Duro. I notice no mention in the categories list and can’t find them in search. You may guess that I loved your Duros. Hope they show up before #100.


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