Dresses: Day 81

ANOTHER orange-stripe Heidi; this one is matchier:

I really liked this fabric, it’s a heavy sateen:

The zip turned out okay …

Pink pockets!

And the back (still matchy):

I think after tomorrow we’ll take a break from Heidi for a few days. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 81

  1. Browsing fabric at random, found myself at the page below thinking, “Orange and grey, orange birds, cool glasses… Erin?”


  2. Love these colors, it is something I would definitely choose myself. Every time I rediscover your blog I go on a binge of posts from the archives, and get inspired to try once again to sew for myself successfully. Unfortunately I tend to try, fail somewhat, Nd then revert back to sewing for the kids or home. Adult female bodies are difficult to fit!


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