Dresses: Day 71

This dress was an indulgence:

It doesn’t really show up against the light background — it’s from this pattern:

It’s an indulgence because I really don’t need a light-colored seersucker dress (especially as cold as it’s been this month!) and things have been so busy that if I’m sewing, it should be sensible things. But I really loved this pattern, and the minute I saw it I knew I wanted to make it in stripes, with the yoke stripes going in the opposite direction from the bodice stripes.

Here’s a better look at the bodice:

And the yoke stitching detail:

The pattern wanted to you to turn in the yoke piece 1/4 inch and then topstitch it, but I thought that was a nightmare scenario … so fussy! So I faced the piece with some very very lightweight batiste, and then topstitched the faced piece:

Here’s the side zip:

And a closeup of the inverted pleats — the pattern wanted me to stitch them down, and I tried it, but it didn’t work with my body type (cough, apple, cough) so I picked out those stitches and let it be open pleats:

And here’s the back:

I definitely want to make this again … good thing I have lots of striped fabric stockpiled!



13 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 71

  1. Superb job!

    Happy Birthday!!

    I’m still waiting to understand The Question, now that I am The Answer. Hasn’t happened yet.


  2. hi erin,
    am a little confused re joining of yoke to bodice: is the yoke a piece that overlays the bodice (ie, bodice layer extends to shoulder seam & armhole), or does it join to the bodice at the scalloped seam? in any case, it looks lovely. maybe the next time you make this dress, you can switch it up w/a solid yoke & printed bodice or vice versa. wishing you a HBD & year of great sewing!


  3. Happy birthday Erin! And what a great way to handle the yoke – it was strikingly perfect in the photos. The explanation following was downright heartening hope that it might be possible to reproduce!


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