Dresses: Day 64

This is , which, for quite some time, was my favorite pattern. I think this is one of the nicest dresses I made with it:

It’s Liberty twill, a pattern called “Enchanted Garden”. I wish I had about eighty more yards of this. (I did have enough left over after making this dress to make a , though.)

Another thing I love about this dress is that a few years back J. Crew made flats in this same fabric (I should have remembered to take a picture of them as well). So occasionally I wear them together. Here’s a close-up of the fabric, isn’t it fun?

As I go through and take pictures of older dresses, I’m realizing how much my sewing has improved even in a few short years — I think I should credit all y’all, as sewing for “publication” has made me a bit more fastidious. I think I would have clipped this seam better, now, although I like to think of that visible blue facing as a design detail:


The zipper’s pretty good:


And the back:

Looking at this pattern again, it’s starting to give me ideas. I do love that bodice …


5 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 64

  1. Erin, could you please explain how you put in both a side-seam zipper and a pocket? I’m having troubles visualizing it before I try an attempt myself. Lovely dress, the fabric makes it!


    • I imagine you sew the zip seam with the two sides of the pocket sandwiched between the dress fabric and zip (unattached to one another) and then sew the pocket sides together afterwards.

      I was wondering about that too! I’ve spent rather longer thinking about it than someone who doesn’t sew garmets ought!


  2. matching shoes!

    I do love that print, it is very fun and colourful and all kinds of happy. The turquoise is perfect with it.


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