Dresses: Day 52

And now for a little flashback … remember the Vogue 8728?

This is in a Liberty print called “” (and I just bought some more in the gray colorway, because I really love this print). Don’t you? (It also comes in a …)

Here’s the side zip:

And the back:

I haven’t been wearing these 8728s that much lately — I’m not sure why. I might have OD’d a little on them last year, I made a LOT of them (<–foreshadowing) and wore them constantly. They are really easy to wear — throw on a cardigan and flats, or a cardigan and boots, or a cardigan and [insert footwear here] and you are good to go.

I’m always on the lookout for a good simple dress pattern that makes up well in lightweight cottons, is amenable to being worn with round-neck cardigans, and allows for capacious pockets. (Someday I will take a photo of everything I’ve carried in my pockets all day …) (Please feel free to send your candidates c/o this address.)


3 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 52

  1. this fabric is right my alley – especially the green colorway 🙂
    working to many years in the fashion industry i never used to make pockets in dresses or skirts. but you reminded me of my beloved design teacher who said: “give the women pockets”! now i make pockets where ever its possible. even in vintage ready made dresses which i have to change a little for sizing or length.


  2. Love the idea of photographing everything that has gone into your pockets -a kind of journal. Then you could do a word cloud after a fixed amount of time to see what you’ve carried most often…Edward Tufte would enjoy that…

    Hoping you will divulge your secret for adjusting the waist measurement on your shirtwaist patterns.


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