Dresses: Day 48

One more , okay?

These are the best tucks of the three dresses, but you can’t really see them because this is Liberty Splash, which :

I have NO IDEA what happened with this zipper. The waist seam is comically off:

And here’s the back:

And here’s a selfie from 2012!

(Cheap patent belt from H&M, Marc Jacobs patent loafers. Hair still wet — I hate blow drying with a passion, avoid it at all costs. The only time my hair is blow-dried is right after I have it cut.)

Thanks for all the pressing and fabric suggestions on yesterday’s dress … you might see another incarnation of this pattern sooner rather than later!


6 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 48

  1. Lovely dress.
    I hate blow dried too, maybe more. I won’t even get them after a hair cut. What’s the point? You have to wash all the little snippy bits of hair out that day, otherwise you itch and shed all over the place.


  2. when this fabric was being discussed and sold at Liberty, I do hope they talked about customers ‘making a splash’.

    I’ve been wondering about waist finishes on the inside – especially on the fuller skirts, do you bind the edge, put in one of those internal belts, overlock(serge) or just leave it to it’s own devices? does it irritate skin round the waist ever?


    • I would LOVE to be in the room when they name the new season’s Liberty prints. (Dear Liberty, I even have professional naming experience. Call me.)

      For the insides of the waists, I usually zig-zag over a piece of Petersham tape (that ridged rayon/cotton stuff) to help keep the waist from stretching out. I’ll try to take pictures of the next one I do.


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