Dresses: Day 40

Another ! This one is in :

Here it is in slightly better light:

And close up:

The shoulder, for a closer view of the print. I love that soft pink and the grayish-blue together:

The zipper! There’s a bobble at the top:

And the waist seam doesn’t QUITE match up:

Here’s the back:

And the facing:

A closer look at those bodice darts (they are so satisfying to sew, honestly):

And the hem!

This dress pattern is definitely going into my regular rotation, but I’ve only made these three so far … what should I make it in next? I have plenty more shirting, and plenty more seersucker, and more dotted swiss than a nearly 42-year-old woman should reasonably have …



8 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 40

  1. then you should make inroads in the dotted swiss.

    “lexical disparity reflects a social inequity” ooh, that does roll around the tongue nicely.

    and what about taupe then.


  2. I love that fabric. Wonderful colors.

    Dotted Swiss… I haven’t had any years. I was thinking a while back that I should get some. I didn’t know there were any age issue connected with it. Don’t care anyway.


  3. Oh I love mauve! And I remember a dotted swiss dress my mother and aunt (Ma could not sew very well and all her successes were shared ones). But I can not remember the color–after all, though, ¨´twas about 60 years since,” to quote Sir Walter Scott.


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