Today's Pattern Story: Oh, Mr. Mort!


Monochrome: Must. NOT. Laugh. Wouldn't be kind. 

Hat: Why hasn't she said anything about my hat? The Noah's Ark look is HUGE this fall. Literally.

Spectral Ladies 1, 2, and 3: Oh, Mr. Mort! You're such a … prominent designer!


[Forgot to add — this pattern is from Sheila at . Enjoy!]


4 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Oh, Mr. Mort!

  1. I’ve been watching a lot of Mary Tyler Moore Show and Dick Van Dyke Show reruns lately, and I think Mr. Mort was credited for clothes for one of those series at least a couple of times. The name struck me as odd the first time I saw it, so seeing it here was a jolt of recognition. I did about 5 minutes of searching on line, but couldn’t find anything to confirm that. Mr. Mort was actually a label designed by Stan Herman who does actually seem to have been fairly prominent.


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