Submitted for Your Disapproval

From NancyKay, who forwarded this to me with the subject line "":


The sad thing is that in 1980-whatever, I might have actually wanted to wear this, sans puffy sleeves. 


Readers: Can This Dress Be Saved? 


58 thoughts on “Submitted for Your Disapproval

  1. First instinct… We have a commercial here in New York… “I pick things up and I put them down…” for Planet Fitness. A big-body builder type with an Austrian accent mindlessly chants this phrase as he gets a tour of the gym.


  2. well, I can’t find anything good outta this dress at all,,,,its screaming out,,,I hate my body in more ways than one!!!!! I honestly don’t know if anything could save this poooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrr dress?


  3. That dress looks like a 6 year old had a (rather unlikely) dress for a bigger doll but decided to put it on her Barbie doll. Barbie is getting lost in it, the dress is wearing her!


  4. @ Steffani RE: “Ahhh ’80s Victorian revival! This is so much like the styles little Victorian/Edwardian era girls wore…Ann of Green Gables would be in heaven! But why oh why would a grown woman wear anything like this? Blech.”

    At least one other grown woman did:


  5. This is horrific, but it wouldn’t be difficult to make it lovely, really. Take off the sleeves, the horribly placed sash and about a foot of the length and you’d have a lovely trapeze dress.


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