sent a link to these dresses, up for auction at . The dark one on the right is actually two pieces: a bodice and skirt.

Neither dress is my size, but lordy, would I like a few (dozen) yards of that dark fruit fabric. (The bright dress has a similar palette to one of my favorite Liberty patterns, .)

(There are other pictures at the Augusta link, but for some reason having both the dresses facing left seemed humorous to me. They look like they're lining up to be bought!)


10 thoughts on “Fruit!

  1. I really, I mean REALLY, want that one on the left. Surely there’s a modern pattern out there with a similar back treatment. I love that there’s plenty of fabric everywhere for bra-strap concealment.


  2. It’s not terribly common to see her dresses from this era. Usually, what I see are the the Sills coats and suits from a bit later in her career. It’s just great to see these together! I hope they do well. They’re fabulous examples.

    Thanks for sharing them Karen, Robin and Erin.


  3. These are soooo delightfully fun! I’m positively smitten with both of them, as they remind me of growing up in a town that was centered around the orchard industry.

    Wishing you a beautiful Monday & week ahead,


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