Today's Pattern Pros and Cons, and Sale


Shawl collar (love!)
Pockets (duh, love!)

Swishy-swishy skirt (all those little gathers, love!)
Buttons (love that placket!)
Model on left has no eyes, like I've seen on — yet it scares me every time. NO EYES, people! (Dr Who, I'm especially looking at you. And not just because your new incarnation is , Mr. Fish Custard Man.)

Model on the right looks as if she's calculating exactly the right angle of entry she'll need to remove your liver with a hairpin. Either that or she's checking out the photographer's assistant. Not sure which — possibly both.
All right then — more pros than cons! So if you'd like this pattern, click on the link; this pattern (and all the other ones) on Michelle's are on sale — 15% off through the end of April. Use the code SPRING.

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24 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Pros and Cons, and Sale

  1. Feck, that was gorgeous. The dress I mean. Ive actually clicked on the link, even though I havent sewed with a pattern in all my life.


  2. Thats probably the best photo Matt Smith has ever taken…IMO hes not as good looking as David Tennant, but then I didnt like him when he took over and he grew on me.


  3. I still have the delights of Matt Smith ahead of me, as we are a little behind here, trapped under the yoke of BBC Entertainment. :(I saw this fabric online and thought of Erin:


  4. Shes calculating the angle shell need to remove the photographers assistants liver and sell it on the black market.She has that freaky Tinkerbells-evil-twin thing going on. Pixie face, scary stare.


  5. I dont care that green dress is looking to remove someones liver. I LOVE the dress. Its very similar to one Ive been planning for a while now. I found the black with white polka dot fabric and have been waffling back and forth between shirtdress with full skirt or separates. –Karen


  6. I think I actually prefer him in bow tie and tweeds… Then again, my love for the Doctor might have more to do with the spaceship!Also: Pockets! I might buy this one…Is there any way to wear a tweed dress without looking like a librarian/schoolgirl?


  7. I love this! Id buy the pattern and re-grade it to fit, BUT — only the bodice is there! What I want is the interesting pocket insert into the skirt side fronts. I have nothing like this; guess Ill have to add it to the ebay search list.


  8. Oooh! So, so pretty! I especially love the green with the little white dots, so Id invariably be disappointed when whatever fabric I used wasnt dark green with white dots. I get your fear of the eyeless SciFi people, but the thing that still scares me when I think of it is an episode of The Twilight Zone where a girl had no MOUTH! I think her little brother wished it away; it was a really long time ago that I saw it. Scared the beejeepers out of me. Even scarier than the thought of Doctor Who without David Tennant. Shudder.


  9. The pattern I had is sold! Here is a link to a dealer who has the complete pattern. put a wishlist in the vintage pattern wiki in case another one shows up somewhere else in the size you are looking for. – Michelle owner of Patterns from the Past


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