One Vintage Dress, With Zebras, Please

I love this dress, but I think I would have posted it even if I didn't because I love the surreal zebra mask. So much better, and funnier, than modeling the dresses wearing giant sunglasses. I understand the desire for anonymity, but giant sunglasses (especially worn inside) just make people look like drug addicts, or wannabe celebrities. But the zebra mask! The zebra mask is genius. (And the name of the Etsy shop is , so there you go!)

And look at the POCKETS!

If you want this, click on the images to visit the listing (this seller has a lot of nice stuff, actually). Good luck!

Sorry for the radio silence the last couple days — I had a cold and an unexpected trip, which, taken together, meant I was in a Land of No Blogging. (I do NOT have the swine flu. Do not panic. Go about your normal business.)


28 thoughts on “One Vintage Dress, With Zebras, Please

  1. I noticed that seller recently! I actually saw that dress and then the price tag so I didn’t click on it – but, wow, the animal masks. I like the fox one best.


  2. Antelopes are missionaries….:-)You’re so clever, even when you’re sick. And that fabric, with that bit of red showing – just right. Great dress. Dawn


  3. Expensive?I have to disagree, that is a great price for an awesome vintage dress.(don’t want to start a argument about prices, don’t know the seller, but how cheap should it be?)anyway….The masks are crazy and creepy and awesome all at the same time.So much better then a pouting model.


  4. I buy vintage clothing on ebay frequently. $50 max, and I have got some great vintage clothing for less. It would also have been very helpful if the models measurements were given. I know the flat dimensions of the dress were, but I wouldn’t buy based on that. If at least the bust and waist measurements of the model were given it would be helpful.It is a beautiful dress, and the model looks like my size. But I wouldn’t pay any more than $50 for it.


  5. I browsed the site and thought the prices were reasonable … especially for Vintage in good/near mint condition.


  6. Between this and that Vogue pattern you’ve made so much of recently, I have *got* to find a pattern with this neckline. And soon.


  7. That mask is freaking me out. Kinda reminds me of the beginning of Batman, which makes me miss Heath Ledger……..but then there’s that creepy mask. Must go look at her other listings.


  8. This dress crys out for a red belt, red shoes and and a saucey little red hat with just a whisp of veil. Too cute!


  9. OOh, there HAS been a lot of that going around. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well! I actually thought that WAS a dress you had made, Erin, it seemed so YOU. I don’t think the price was out of line, but I’m distressed by a seller of vintage clothing describing the sleeves of a 50s dress as “sloped” rather than “kimono,” and the skirt merely as “full,” rather than “gored” or “full circle,” as appropriate. It tells me that the seller’s knowledge level is not in my comfort range.And I will observe that prices for vintage dresses can vary CONSIDERABLY depending on what part of what country you are shopping for that vintage. It doesn’t make the price the seller is asking WRONG: it means that prices vary considerably. There are costs involved for the seller in finding his/her stock, AND costs involved in the selling of it. If it’s not within your price range, then don’t buy it – but that doesn’t mean there’s an inherent “rightness” to your personal price level.


  10. Oh sh!t! I wasn’t at the computer much yesterday. I love the dress and would have snapped it up myself. (It’s a somewhat hard to find size.) As to model’s measurements: It’s possible that the dress is clipped and pinned to fit her. I sell vintage dresses and my mannequin is a size 2/4. I never give Sabrina’s measurements as everything is clipped to fit as if it were her size. I offer a range of sizes. I’m usually surprised when someone says, “Your mannequin is so skinny. Nothing you have fits me.” Okay, now I’m going to spend the rest of the day wishing I had that dress. It’s AWESOME and I love the presentation. Hope you feel better soon, Miss Cookie. And Erin–you, too! We need you here.


  11. Oh, am I loving the zebra mask! – fantastically sinister. Hope Cookie and you are over la grippe (or whatever) soonest, Erin. Boy, have I missed DaD! Life has obscured my ringside view lately. Will there ever be an affiliate/sorority badge/ring/neckerchief/apron available? If so, just lemme know. Only a matter of time, I’m guessing…


  12. Ahaha! The zebra mask is just perfect for anonymity. And the dress — I’m sure my wife would love to have one of those. It would match the Jon Renau wigs that she’ll wear next week for the tea party she’s hosting here in the neighborhood. The theme is vintage, of course. She won’t be wearing an animal mask, that’s for sure!


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