Happy Tax Day!

Okay, no one is excited about Tax Day, but here's a fantastic dress, made entirely of tax forms, to distract you:

(thanks to Kariann, Renee, and for the link!)

Also: the winner of the pockets haiku contest is …

Pocket—something there?
Feel doe-soft ears and paw pads;
Kitten stowaway!

The winner is Shay, of ! Congratulations! (Kittens? Always win.) Shay, email me for your copy of and the coupon for $10 off your order at (thanks to Jen).


0 thoughts on “Happy Tax Day!

  1. Oh, excellent! Congratulations, Shay! Anybody who brings in kittens brings in teh winz, as far as I’m concerned! I loved your haiku!


  2. Oh, I just checked out her website, where she explains it:”I mostly used the beautifully pink Child and Dependent Care 1040A forms plus some paler pink Individual tax forms.”She’s selling it on eBay. So far, the bids are at $306 and counting! Proceeds go to the great organization Heifer International.


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  4. Oh, I would love this dress! When my mom was little they would buy dresses made out of paper for fancy occasions (you know how hard kids can be on nice clothing). You could only wear it once or twice, but you would look fabulous at a fraction of the price!I wish they would bring that back. I’d have more closet room… I can’t seem to throw anything away, and I hate wearing the same thing over and over again…


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