Oh, Oh, Oh … Merry Christmas!

Birgit at sent me these, and only my sense of bloggish responsibility kept me from buying all of these myself and not posting them:

Christine at has these for some lucky Jazz Age babe:

Hotpatterns is doing a sale: buy any two of their and get the free! (You have to email in your choice of bag pattern to [email protected] and they will add it to the order — Offer ends Dec 31st! One of their three bestsellers is this one, which I love and plan to make Real Soon Now:


0 thoughts on “Oh, Oh, Oh … Merry Christmas!

  1. A slew of Hot Patterns would be high on my Christmas wish list. Trouble is who’d buy them for me? I need a Secret Santa. Badly.


  2. Bwah-haha! Butterick 6707 is MINE!! All mine!!! That’s all the motivation I’ll need to lose my baby weight in the spring. woot! Thanks Erin! You are so selfless. 🙂


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