Doubling Down

Remember ? The dress artist who was doing a dress for each of the 50 states? She's got a new one, and I really like it:

Click on the image for other dresses she's made recently, including a series of dresses made from dollar store items. (My favorite is the whiffle-ball wedding dress.)


0 thoughts on “Doubling Down

  1. I love the concept of making something out of another thing that would normally not be used that way.. Ingenious!! Now I keep thinking that I need a poker chip purse that matches… I went to Robin’s site and checked out her 99 cent dresses. The yellow ‘swimsuit’ out of sponges had a lot of ewww factor but the other things were fun. I liked the wiffle ball dress but the duster skirt is my favorite. Thanks for sharing Erin.k


  2. OT: Do you watch Project Runway? Leanne’s wedding dress on the latest episode had pockets that made me think of you (as did the mixed response in the comments about the pockets on Project Rungay: )


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