Linktastic Friday No. 4

So I was thinking about not doing Linktastic Friday today, and posting the dress I made for last weekend's instead, but I'd have to IRON that dress and that seems just too overwhelming this morning. So maybe Monday you'll get to see that dress.

I am disappointed, though, that by NOT putting off Linktastic Friday I don't get to say "Linktastic Friday falls on a Monday this week" because that pokes my funnybone. (Don't worry, I'm sure I'll re-use that joke at a later date.)

But, without further ado: on to the links!

The image above is a really nice shirtdress in a larger size from … thanks to for the link!

I don't remember where I found this link to , so if it came from you, please take credit in the comments. I really like this aesthetic (which may surprise some of you — although who doesn't want to dress as if they're sweetly androgynous operatives from the future?). Check out, especially, the "gathered line dress". Wonderful.

Robin sent me the link to this beautiful and very, very, very expensive from Finland. (42 euros! = oh noes!)

And while we're drooling over expensive fabric, Kristin sent me a link to , which is based in the US and has Liberty at $36/yd. (Mostly the florals, though.) Jane Ellen sent a link to which is selling some of the more classic florals at $29-something a yard.

Also, Heather found this yellow-and-gray at Fashion Fabrics Club. Or maybe you want a in the same colors? (Sent by brokentemple — but snap that one up quick if you want it, it's a Buy-It-Now).

Have you all seen this ? Sent in , who knows me too well … and speaking of shoes, last week's tape-measure lamp reminded Kate-in-England of . Pinstripes and tape-measure cockades, oh my!

Gretchen sent to a dress made from 41 pairs of recycled Levi's 501s. It's *amazing*, and exactly what I would wear to a Costume Institute Ball honoring Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein. (Scroll down past the scary baseball-jacket Pierrot costume to get to the jeans dress.)

Liana . Some of them are dresses. Works for me!

(and other stuff). Makes me want to be a librarian even more, so I can have a license-plate cover that says "I am a librarian … and I WILL shush your ass." Sent by Paula, who has a blog about those . Awesome.

Some company called Mippin (it's official: the internet has now completely run out of domain names) has done some fancy scraping to make this blog work on your mobile phone. I think. I haven't tested it, but the mobile url is supposedly . Feel free to try it out, it doesn't cost me anything (it may cost you, depending on your mobile web-access plan). Blogread responsibly!

Janet at Lanetz Living is off skiing in Colorado, but she's having a sale at her site while she's gone: 20% off, just use the coupon code "ski20" when you check out. (That's why the internet is the best; how could you have a sale at your brick-and-mortar store and be off skiing at the same time?)

And I *thought* I'd posted about this before, but I can't find it, so here it is again:

Thanks to Eirlys (who does not even live in the US) for finding this at . Too bad it costs … wait for it … $ 1,485.

That's it for this Linktastic Friday! More links next week …


0 thoughts on “Linktastic Friday No. 4

  1. That last dress with IKE…would that be for Ike Eisenhower?Yikes, the price! I rather take the Ike (the Chicago expressway named for our late president).


  2. I saw a Mitt Romney paper dress one ebay a few months ago, and it went for big bucks. It was from Mitt’s father’s campaign in the 60s. I wonder what it’d go for now?That baseball jacket dress IS scary, but the jeans one is fab.


  3. I was looking at a Country living mag the other day while getting my hair cut and there was a company shown in there who makes packaging with vintage patterns printed on them. I forgot to write down the company name for you. I’ll see if I can find it. It came with a box and a bow.


  4. I like that the shirtwaist pattern details note: “Suitable for nurse’s uniform.” If I were a nurse, I’d be a damn SEXY nurse and make that uniform in the version with the sheer overlay/see-through bodice. Then when my boss called me in, I’d have the pattern details in my purse as a defense.Did you notice the “Mystika Grey” fabric in the architectural fabric link? It looks like a Rorschach test. That’s what I’d wear when kicked upstairs to work the hospital’s Psych Ward.


  5. Erin, I can never get the search widget on your blog to find anything you’ve written about. Maybe that’s deliberate, lol! But I was reminded of it when you said you thought you’d posted about something, but couldn’t find it.


  6. Erin, you were mentioned in an interview with “They Might be Giants” in yesterday’s Houston Chronicle! Too cool! πŸ™‚


  7. Love the denim dress (lots of pockets for dear Erin) but that would be one heavy dress to drag around. Tomorrow’s blog will have a crossword puzzle dress or skirt? I found some of that fabric a few months ago and bought the rest of the bolt.


  8. The PerkyPotholders blog has a picture of the Deluxe Librarian Action Figure set and the Librarian Tattoos!You can get the Tattoos and this tweaky action figure (and many more) at Archie McPhee’s (tagline: “Toys, Gifts and Novelties made by Magic Pixies!”)Archie McPhee Action figuresLibraian TattoosYou need a Jane Austen action figure, don’t you?CMCHome decorated by McPhee


  9. True, I’m far away in the UK, Erin, but (in my defence) I THINK my American parents may have voted for Ike, way back when. Stumbled across the dress on a Google trawl inspired by the founder of the Fashion Museum here in Bath, UK – an extraordinary dress collector named Doris Langley Moore. She was the costume designer on The African Queen, amongst many other things.Anyway, those within striking distance of DC can visit an identical IKE dress (I think) in the Smithsonian. Doesn’t it look like it could have walked right off the pages of ‘The Cat in the Hat’?More about the Fashion Museum, incidentally, at worth a visit!


  10. So what is the deal with the crossword tournament? Do you compete in them? Just wondering because I watched this really good documentary called “Worldplay” about crosswords, the puzzle creators, and the tournament. You should check it out if you haven’t seen it. (I myself enjoy the daily crossword, but I can only finish Mondays, and Tuesdays.) Anyway, thanks for the links.


  11. Ooh, I love Peggy Anne’s shop! They are the nicest people and the shop has a great range of fabrics and Berninas AND her son is a smocking expert.I seem to be saying this everyday, but it is a small, small world (dare you not to sing).


  12. I love the bodice of the “Ike” dress. Anyone know of a comparable pattern? I was much too young to vote, but I became a political junkie 1n the summer of 1952. I was all of 11! Conventions were high drama in those days.Becky


  13. Went through every single of those other links, Erin, and they were a marvel of the modern world: linktastic indeed! That eco-designer is such a find; I’ll have to fight you for the jeans dress, though. Keep it up!


  14. Oh Erin…if only ALA would “discover” you, ask you to be a keynote speaker, and award you the title of “Honorary Librarian” so you could really and truly say you are ALSO a librarian.Would you settle for Texas Library Association? We had Julie Andrews speak as keynote once…I think you are far more librarian at heart than she is.I’d be proud to have you as collegue, and as always, you are always welcomed to do a guest appearance at my ref desk anytime!


  15. the paper dolls are so so cool and I’ve been searching for a dress to make since I’m in “need” of a new one with fabric waiting to be formed, I might base it off of that good old 1,485$ number (I just wonder if that would suit my body)


  16. Erin, I’m making my first dress ever, to wear to a friend’s wedding, but I’m terrified. I’ve narrowed the choices down to two patterns, Simplicity 3823 or 3526, and I’ve got pretty fabric for both, but can you point me in a direction of any “Your First Dress” posts?I’ve sewn before, but it was mostly costuming, and while I have sewn for weddings, I’m still nervous.


  17. Your links are fantastic, of course! As is your hilarious description of the aesthetic of UNIFORM Studio. Not that I don’t also really like her aesthetic, though it’s definitely not mine!


  18. Nice find, Theresa! Only snag is that the Ike dress (see close-ups) has interesting gathers up the front/side bodice. But that’s being ultra-picky.


  19. V2960 is nice too, but it is specifically the way the bodice is gathered vertically in lieu of darts that appeals to me about the Ike dress.Becky


  20. You’re so right, Theresa! I really summoned up all the begrudgingness at my disposal there. I can’t guess how long it took to locate such a deliciously close pattern match. Respect!


  21. that`d be QUITE the wad of money for that dress, but it`s super cute :)i really love the shape of it, & how the lettering is just spattered all over it. it looks like a fun dress~


  22. Eirly’s not as long as you would think. πŸ˜‰ I have the image of every vintage reproduction pattern on the market by Simplicity, Butterick and Vogue committed to memory. My experience to far is the simplicity patterns are the easiest.(McCalls doesn’t do retro) As soon as I saw the query for a similar dress I immediately thought of the Vogue dress. Then I jsut had to go to the site and re-find it. I have a somewhat obsessive personality.


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