I think I'll move to Australia.

Lesley sent me the link to this dress, on Ebay Australia. I love Ebay Australia; even though the shipping can get ridiculous. I think I just like answering the question "Where did you get THAT?" by saying "Australia!"

(My favorite comes from Australia, now that I think about it …)

This dress is up to about AU$27, and is about B33/W30. And here's what it looks like full view:

This is such a perfect spring-y Easter-y dress. And I really want some spring-y, Easter-y weather so I can wear something like this … the weather was warm (50 degrees!) where I was the past few days so now I am all about the shirtdresses (even though I'm back in Chicago where it's freezing again). Expect numbers 4 and 5 in the series shortly.

Of course if I DID move to Australia, I'd be settling in for winter now. Hmmm. Maybe I'll stay in Chicago …


0 thoughts on “I think I'll move to Australia.

  1. Holy Cow Erin, that’s a Jonathan Logan, it’s probably silk, he didn’t make junk. It’s just gorgeous, though the look would be easy to achieve with the right cool fabric… if you have enough patterns to cobble it together.


  2. Your post title has me wanting to call you Alexander and wish you an improved day. ;)Beautiful dress. I love the pleats in the skirt. Those have to be more flattering than a plain gather. Sigh. I want an Easter dress. My girls get new dresses, but I don’t have time to sew one for me, too.


  3. It’s lovely! But despite the spring color and style, aren’t those holly leaves? I guess without the red berries they are not really Christmas theme; after all, they exist year round. Why can’t they be Spring theme as well?(But perhaps they are not holly leaves, in which case just ignore my ramblings please!)


  4. Hmm. I love the dress, but what is that print? It looks like a Rorschat ink blot test to me. Or maybe it *is* an ink blot test?


  5. I love Ebay Australia; even though the shipping can get ridiculous.Unfortunately it works both ways. I love Ebay US (and various other US online shops) but shipping can also be ridiculous. Want two metres of fabrics?; that’ll be $30 shipping thanks.


  6. How beautiful! The splotches look like paintball splaters to me. What a cool print!That apple t-shirt is amazing. But $31.22 plus shipping? Wow.Speaking of weather, too bad you aren’t in NC, where it is nice and warm at 65 degrees! Ah, spring will spring upon Chicago soon!


  7. Warm here is SC too – but Rain tommorrow. I love, love, love that dress – but my linebacker shoulders won’t fit. I will console myself with the pretty Bob Mackie silk trapeze dress in yellow, black and white (Stein Mart on sale $25!!!!) that I bought on my lunch break. Rain be damned I am wearing it tommorrow — if it fits – to lazy to try one. if not my BFF is going to buy it from me. Sorry, rambling -love the dress today, the pleats, the color, POCKET – gorgeous color and fabric.


  8. Please come! We’d love to have you in the land of Oz… although then I’d have to share eBay Australia so perhaps the US is best for you.


  9. If you did move to Australia, a temp of 50 F would be about the coldest it gets! (in Sydney anyway, where I live!)So you could wear your dresses very comfortably all year round…


  10. Wow! That is an incredible dress! And the fabric does look like it has little silk-like slub texture in it. It’s very inspiring and I want one!!!


  11. Nancy Bea, they could be holly leaves. After all, Christmas comes at the height of summer in Australia.I like Aussy sewing magazines, because I’m so slow in getting my projects done, my “seasons” often match theirs!


  12. I second Rose Red’s comment. If you move to the right part of Aus (say, Darwin), it’ll be at least 80 degrees all year round.


  13. Love the dress, it would have been perfect for today in Adelaide, South Australia – 39C, we’ve had a week of over 34C temperatures with another week forcast. It’s 9:00pm at night and still 34.5C, so winter seems a long way off at the moment. Yvonne


  14. This is a serious question. How do you figure waist of 30 when the author has 12 inches for the waist? It’s so beautiful…if it was a 30 it would fit me.


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