Thank Goodness for Isaac

I always feel guilty when I don't blog more about the various fashion weeks. I mean — aren't they like the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the whatever-it-is that the NHL calls their championship? Stanley Cup? of fashion? Shouldn't I at least, you know, pay attention?

Well, I would, except so much of it is so gosh-darn ugly. I know it's very bourgeoisie of me to expect fashion to be pretty and wearable (or even moderately attractive and wearable), especially when there is virtually no circumstance I can think of up to and including winning the Powerball that would induce me to spend ten grand on a dress, but that's just how I am. I like my chili hot, my men sarcastic, and my fashion to not look as if the person wearing it had been tricked into auditioning for a . For example.

So it's always a relief to see what Isaac Mizrahi is showing. Isn't this great? So wearable, without being boring. So true to the idea of American sportswear. So perfectly pink. And is he, or is he not, the only designer who really knows his way around a polo collar?

If you're looking for more Fashion Week coverage, then, I guess you better look elsewhere. I"m going to let the Isaac slideshow loop around to the front again …


0 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Isaac

  1. On a technical note, the picture doesn’t show up for me on this post, I’m just getting a blue line to the left of the screen.On the clothes, I like most of Isaac’s except the grey catsuit. With the Zac Posen show, you are dead on the money. It’s a pity, because if they’d got the girls to smile and maybe gone with a Gothic Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme, that could have been a really fun show. As it is the girls look like they are bored rigid by every single flounce.


  2. I don’t know, Erin. Put most American women in an empire-y waisted outfit with a low-cut tee that would show cleavage down to there and a mohair/woolly skirt that would make their asses look like a 1950s Chesterfield? Not too flattering. I guess we will know how it looks on a not-so-model like figure when Oprah wears it in a few months. /snerk.In general, though, I do find Mr. Mizrahi’s work absolutely lovely if not a bit farfetched for us size 10/12 busty gals. Even his Target clothes are not cut for the “less svelte” frame.Melanie


  3. I’d buy this, for sure. Then again, I’m a huge fan of his target stuff– well made and well thought out, at a very good price point. I’ve actually costumed two shows with his pieces, because he’s got such a 50s-60s vibe these days– and the dresses have pockets which are fantastic for real life and for props. 🙂


  4. I never thought of a skirt when I bought a bolt of white mohair on ebay! I was thinking loose jacket or coat with maybe a few pearls sprinkled here and there. But I like this; it’s actually a lot like some skirts Bonnie Cashin did in the 60s. Hers were kind of casual-country at-home wear, full-length, but with those purse type clips sewed in place by leather tabs to pull the skirt up in front. And my, there is nothing warmer, or more cosy and lightweight, than mohair in the winter. I have a mohair coat – my 3rd time using an old 70s Geoffrey Beene pattern – which I always wear when I travel. It makes a great blanket on the plane and is not so heavy to lug around, if you are dealing with changing temperatures.


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