More Dress Art!

Check out this work from artist Robin Barcus: "Collecting Kisses". She put up three dress outlines in a gallery and had people leave lipstick kisses on them. Participatory art, yay!

Robin's also doing a series of location-specific dresses for every state in the US, *and* making a movie about it, which is about as cool as you can get without resorting to the illegal use of Freon.

Here's one of her state-specific dresses (for Maine, naturally):

She also did a leaf dress that's worth seeing — click on either of the images above to visit her blog.

I had a whole list of art-dress projects to post about before my hard drive decided to become an ossified, non-spinny lump … a list I don't really want to recreate by hand, because I'm lazy. So if you emailed me an art-dress link sometime in the last month, and feel strongly about it, would you email me again? Or at least leave a link in the comments?


0 thoughts on “More Dress Art!

  1. A friend of mine in college went as a leaf pile for Hallowe’en one year: She taped colorful dry leaves all over the brown jersey caftan she’d borrowed from her mother. It looked a whole lot like that pine-cone outfit.


  2. What fun! Hey, I was just in Maine, at the Portland Museum of Art, where I was stunned and amazed by one of Brian White’s shell dresses. If you haven’t mentioned him on MilitaryHumveeAuction yet, maybe you’d want to look into his work. Or maybe you’ve already featured him? Anyway, here’s a link:


  3. On behalf of my home state, Nebraska, I hope our dress is not strictly corn based.It can be tiring that every reference concerning us involves corn, cornfields and backward living.-Janet


  4. I’m with Janet, although here in Illinois, it’s just as likely to soy beans! :-)LOL Canine, my daughter’s Halloween costume debut was a pile of leaves. Her brother (3 yr.) was a tree, and she (5 mo.) was a pile of leaves at his feet…..a “blanket” of leaves draped over her and her car seat. lol


  5. Re: Nebraska: If she is really in the know she should feature a quilted dress in honor of the quilting program at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. I wanted to go there and get a masters in quilting, but met a wonderful guy and love of him won out so here I am in PA. Which I would certainly hope she doesn’t make a dress of an oil slick since oil was first discovered near where I live.


  6. Heh–I’m from Texas. Oil? Spotted cowhide? Cotton? Tree bark? Roadkill armadillo shells? I’m not sure how we’d pick a material.


  7. Wearing that dress would feel EXACTLY like crinoline petticoats felt!Rita (native Nebraskan, former Texan, and now North Carolinian)


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