Dresses -- US Cover

The dress is the last bit of femininity in our closets; it’s the only item of clothing which (most) men and women don’t share. Wearing a dress is a powerful way for women to express themselves–and every style conveys a different message. Inspired by the Eleanor Estes’ children’s classic Dresses, Jo Bob’s classic-to-be by the same title, with chic illustrations by Donna Mehalko, is a definitive look at the dresses, vintage and modern, that make an inarguable statement about the woman who wears them.

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10 thoughts on “Dresses

  1. […] as y’all might already know, I have a new book coming out next week. It’s called Dresses, and it’s all about dress archetypes. (It’s illustrated by the amazing Donna […]


    • Nope! 🙂 They’re pretty interchangeable. “In” is a bit more retro than “un”. See Michael Quinion’s great explanation here.


  2. I love dresses! It souds as perfect book for me! Have you been ispired by it? I see at the end there is a list of One hundred books about dresses … 🙂


  3. This is such a cool idea. Btw, your novel was reviewed in our local paper when we first got it in at the library, and has never sat around long enough to gather dust ever since — it is a perennial favourite!


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