Dresses: Day 2

Well, one day down in the hundred dresses for march! Does anyone else have “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer” stuck in their heads? Just me?

This dress had a sneak preview back in February, both as background in a , and as a — it’s an Echino fabric :


Here are a couple more close-up views of the bodice:

and the binding:

and the border on the skirt:

And the side zip, which needs a little bit of repair already — I didn’t backstitch enough above the zipper, and it’s coming undone. That stretch of seam above the zipper is always a big stress point in my dresses. I’m never sure whether to reinforce it, or start the zipper higher, or what. Suggestions?

And the pocket:

And the back:


I’ve worn this a couple of times, and it’s a gratifying experience. Some of my dresses have something I privately call the LGG factor, where LGG stands for “little girl glee”. Basically, a high-LGG dress is one that gets waves and compliments from the under-eight set, and this is definitely a high-LGG dress.  (I would also call this a “Garden Party” dress, one of the hundred dress types in the book …)

Weirdly, although there are so many colors in this dress, I have trouble cardigan-matching it. Nothing I have is exactly that turquoise in the birds’ wings, which is the color I’d like to match … so I default to the bright pink.