Dresses: Day 40

Another ! This one is in :

Here it is in slightly better light:

And close up:

The shoulder, for a closer view of the print. I love that soft pink and the grayish-blue together:

The zipper! There’s a bobble at the top:

And the waist seam doesn’t QUITE match up:

Here’s the back:

And the facing:

A closer look at those bodice darts (they are so satisfying to sew, honestly):

And the hem!

This dress pattern is definitely going into my regular rotation, but I’ve only made these three so far … what should I make it in next? I have plenty more shirting, and plenty more seersucker, and more dotted swiss than a nearly 42-year-old woman should reasonably have …


Dresses: Day 39

Another ! I bought this very cheerful fabric in :

I forgot to point out yesterday the really elegant double darts in the bodice front — they’re one of my favorite features of this pattern, even though they are slightly tricky to sew:

Here’s the zipper — I’m very pleased with this one, as well:

And the back:

You might have noticed that this dress is longer than yesterday’s, because, well, it is. The first time I wore yesterday’s dress I was biking, and the dress was slightly too long and got caught in the back wheel between the wheel and the fender, and the accumulated city crud on my fender left an ugly black smear. So I washed it and shortened it by about three inches, so that I wouldn’t worry about it getting caught on the bike. I think this one I will leave long, though, since it’s more of a dinner-out dress than a “hop on my bike” dress.

What fabrics would you make this dress in?

Dresses: Day 38

This is a totally new pattern! Well, new as in “I haven’t sewn it before/posted it before” not new as in “produced in this century.”

This is Vogue 8460, and I lurrrrrrve it:

(sorry for the fuzzy image, click on the pic to see it bigger)

I know on the pattern envelope it looks like a party dress, but I have enough party dresses … Here’s what I made with it, shown with belt (purchased):

This is a nice shirting fabric I bought online sometime last year. Here it is sans belt:

Of course, the pleasure in this dress is in matching those rainbow stripes!

They don’t match at the waistline, but that’s okay, the chevron effect on the skirt is what I was going for:

This zipper? This is probably the best zipper I’ve made in AGES. B+!

And the back stripe matchup:

I hemmed it with bright vintage hem facing, which I love. It’s getting harder and harder to find bright hem facing these days. (Also, I’m going to fewer yard sales.)

The shoulder stripes … you can see the facing rolling a little there, I probably should have understitched it:

Here’s a glimpse of the neckline facing. I zigzag finish my facings on the inside (and I also didn’t press this one very well):

And the back (the skirt’s not properly positioned in this one, sorry!):

I’ve made this pattern twice more since this one, and I really love it. It’s super-simple to wear (and yes there are pockets in all these dresses)!