Dresses: Day 60

Another Vogue 8728 — you’ve , too. I do so love a broken plaid:

I only wish I had this fabric with the dark/light sections reversed. That would be even better.

I’m particularly fond of this stony gray.

The placement of the blank bits on the back was accidental but I like how they balance each other out …

I vaguely remember that I made this dress for a traveling occasion (not sure which one) and ended up hemming it in a hotel room (maybe?). In any case, I’m going to use that dim recollection as an excuse to post my traveling sewing kit:

This is the one I toss in my suitcase when I’m traveling. I was going to tell you how big it is but you can see the seam gauge ruler right there. Here it is outside the bag:

The Sharpie is for, well, Sharpie-ing, and the dental floss is really handy for sewing on coat buttons that inconveniently pop off. I used to carry buttonhole twist but I hated carrying a whole spool and I usually had the wrong color, anyway. (The Sharpie comes in handy for coloring the dental floss that’s visible once you’ve sewn on the button.) Here are the little Altoid tins opened: safety pins, random button assortment for close-enough matches, and a little bit of fusible tape … just in case.

And of course the pins and needles:

Do you have a portable sewing kit? What’s in it?