Dresses: Day 71

This dress was an indulgence:

It doesn’t really show up against the light background — it’s from this pattern:

It’s an indulgence because I really don’t need a light-colored seersucker dress (especially as cold as it’s been this month!) and things have been so busy that if I’m sewing, it should be sensible things. But I really loved this pattern, and the minute I saw it I knew I wanted to make it in stripes, with the yoke stripes going in the opposite direction from the bodice stripes.

Here’s a better look at the bodice:

And the yoke stitching detail:

The pattern wanted to you to turn in the yoke piece 1/4 inch and then topstitch it, but I thought that was a nightmare scenario … so fussy! So I faced the piece with some very very lightweight batiste, and then topstitched the faced piece:

Here’s the side zip:

And a closeup of the inverted pleats — the pattern wanted me to stitch them down, and I tried it, but it didn’t work with my body type (cough, apple, cough) so I picked out those stitches and let it be open pleats:

And here’s the back:

I definitely want to make this again … good thing I have lots of striped fabric stockpiled!


Dresses: Day 33

I think this dress is :

Here’s a less-blurry view of the fabric:

The zipper here is doing its best. I somehow mis-adjusted my dress form while wrestling all these dresses off and onto it, and didn’t notice for a couple of dresses’ worth of photos … things in your browser may be looser than they appear.

And the back:

This one gets worn with a white cardigan (when necessary — it’s a hot-weather dress, for sure) and those red Keds again. (I like the red Keds since they are one of the colors Keds makes in the wider width, which is more comfortable. Seriously, Keds, when are you going to call me? I have all SORTS of ideas for you, and I’ll work for shoes.) I’ve also tried this with a green cardigan, to match the green stripe, but that overall effect is much too “Christmas in July!” for me.


Dresses: Day 28

This is the last (for a while, not the LAST ONE EVER), but this one? Is my absolute favorite. I never get tired of this dress:

BLACK SEERSUCKER. It’s the best fabric ever. I wish I’d bought all of this there ever was. This collar has a little bit of bad roll to it. (Oh! I tried Kathleen’s and it worked beautifully. Sneak peek picture .)

The zipper is just, eh. A C:

The pockets and the collar are lined with black batiste — here’s the pocket:

And the collar (you can see the ripples from the seersucker):

And the back view:

I wear this either with or with these that I searched for FOREVER and finally found on Etsy. (That’s the seller’s picture I pinned.) I wore them a couple of times and then the ancient glue holding the soles together gave up the ghost, so I had to have them resoled. (TOTALLY WORTH IT.) And sometimes I wear this dress with these for maximum Dickensian glamour.

I wore this dress in Paris way back in 2011 and got stopped on the Champs Élysées by someone who asked me directions … in French. (NB: I do not speak French.) I figure that’s probably the best endorsement this dress could ever get. (I was actually able to give directions … they were asking where the Georges V was, and I’d just passed it and thought, “Oh hey, that’s the Georges V, that I always read about in novels!” I answered with some “straight on thataway” gestures and I think I was understood.)

Dresses: Day 7

Getting a slow start on a Sunday … but this is one of my favorite dresses:

It’s another , of course. I like the way the bias binding stripes worked out on this one:


And the zipper’s not too bad:


And here’s the back:

I’m pretty sure I bought this fabric at the , a few years back. it was a remnant length but I couldn’t resist it — I love — and I’m so glad I grabbed it.

Probably my favorite thing about this dress is how versatile it is. I’ve worn it with blue, maroon, pink, yellow, and gray cardigans, and in every weather from 40 degrees (with kneesocks and brown boots) to 80 degrees (with gray Keds and not much else).

And there’s a update, too — it was mentioned in the and the over the weekend! (both are paywalled, sadly) Official publication date is Tuesday …