Dresses: Day 11

You’ve seen this fox dress , but here it is again, in more close-up detail:

neck binding:

side zip:

quizzical fox in the pocket:

and the back:

and the matching :


The fabric is called  (by Aneela Hoey for Moda).

I really liked this fabric when I first made the dress, and I still like the dress now, but I am thinking foxes are getting, as the kids say today, played out. (There’s a LOT of fox stuff on Etsy, which is always the first sign.) Besides, you know I have to declare my allegiance to the …

Oh! And if you’re wondering which of the book- this eleventh dress would be, it’s ! Wait, no, I mean, it’s a Dirndl, about which I say: “The Dirndl managed to be simultaneously practical and attractive. It’s close-fitting, but the deep armholes and free skirt allow for easy movement.”

And! Antipodean friends, the book was !