Dresses: Day 42

Happy Bastille Day! Here, have an Eiffel Tower dress:

I really like the scale of this print:

I had some blue and white piping that matched perfectly, so I thought: why not?

The buttons are from a swap that put together in Chicago before I moved away:

Here’s the zipper, not bad!

The pockets obviously needed the same piping as the sleeves, right?

And the back view:

This is Butterick 7504, which I was SURE I had posted before, but no dice:


I love this illustration, I think of Print Dress and Blue Dress as members of the notorious West Side Wimmin gang, and Gray Dress With Hat is their mouthpiece. I wish I could stand like this normally — hip cocked, head cocked, hand in pocket, fist on hip: a posture that says “I’m ready for a fight!”  if there ever was one. (Of course, if I did stand like this normally, I imagine I would have more neck and back issues than I would like to have, so perhaps it’s better that I’m not always in “spoiling for a fight” stance.)

This is the first time I’ve made this entire pattern — I used the skirt pieces (those pockets are SO NICE) for . (Which will show up in the Hundred Dresses countdown eventually).