Dresses: Day 29

I do appreciate the irony of these next few photos being slightly out-of-focus:

This is another Vogue 9929, of course, and it’s in that heavy Japanese Echino fabric. I’ve only sewn with it a couple of times but I really like it. It’s easy to sew with and very comfortable to wear. The only downside is that the whites are all more on the “unbleached/ecru” side, so if you need your whites sparkling, Echino may not be the fabric for you. (It looks like a variant on this print is , too.)

I bought what seemed like a lot of this fabric quite some time ago, and made a nice-enough pleated skirt out of about half of it. Which left me just slightly under what I needed for this dress, as you can see from the visible sliver of the selvage at this underarm seam:

Here it is close up:

A better example of me going “eh, what the heck, nobody will notice and if they do they’ll surely be polite enough not to say anything” cannot be found. You can also see that there wasn’t enough for self-fabric bias, so I resorted to good ol’ double-fold straight from the package.  (Oh and that zipper is about a C+.)

Here’s the back view:

If you went by sheer number of approving comments, this is probably the most popular dress I own. I am regularly stopped on the street and asked about it (which I use as opportunities to evangelize the many many benefits of sewing).

(If you want to see this being worn, I posted about it . I also have this fabric in .)

Dresses: Day 2

Well, one day down in the hundred dresses for march! Does anyone else have “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer” stuck in their heads? Just me?

This dress had a sneak preview back in February, both as background in a , and as a — it’s an Echino fabric :


Here are a couple more close-up views of the bodice:

and the binding:

and the border on the skirt:

And the side zip, which needs a little bit of repair already — I didn’t backstitch enough above the zipper, and it’s coming undone. That stretch of seam above the zipper is always a big stress point in my dresses. I’m never sure whether to reinforce it, or start the zipper higher, or what. Suggestions?

And the pocket:

And the back:


I’ve worn this a couple of times, and it’s a gratifying experience. Some of my dresses have something I privately call the LGG factor, where LGG stands for “little girl glee”. Basically, a high-LGG dress is one that gets waves and compliments from the under-eight set, and this is definitely a high-LGG dress.  (I would also call this a “Garden Party” dress, one of the hundred dress types in the book …)

Weirdly, although there are so many colors in this dress, I have trouble cardigan-matching it. Nothing I have is exactly that turquoise in the birds’ wings, which is the color I’d like to match … so I default to the bright pink.