Dresses: Day 100

And so we come to the end … the Duro! The Duro is actually one of the Hundred Dresses in -the-book, and it’s named for , who designed it. I fell in love … found a … and I made it a lot. To wit:

I don’t know if I ever posted this one:

This next one has some :

There’s :

Then I started :

And :

(Those last three and the green one above? All Liberty.)

This one has (the second one is a play):

I have never gotten over how nicely these two prints matched, considering I bought them ages apart and in different places:

And, of course, the :

(Plus there’s and , and , none of which I even have any more, and the one I’m wearing in , which I know I still have but I never wear anymore, because I wore it in that video. Crazy.)

I will post some wrapups after this loooooong series … I know there are questions in the comments that have gone unanswered, plus there’s all sorts of statistical fun to be had, and of course a “closet picture” and some dresses that maybe didn’t make the cut for the full 100 … but if you’ve liked this series, may I ask that you perhaps consider that inspired it? If you have already, and enjoyed it, I’d love to see your review, and of course it makes a lovely present for just about anyone …

Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments and fun links you’ve shared, too!