Dresses: Day 75

This is another Butterick 6820, a full Butterick 6820, than Wednesday’s.

It is a really fun dress, isn’t it?

I love the combination of mustard and red (this is some :

The collar turned out okay, not great:

The sleeves:

The biggest problem with this dress is that the sleeve wings make it difficult to throw a cardigan on over it — you get lumpy uncomfortable bunching right at the bicep.

The pockets are HUGE:

I did another side-placket zipper with this one, mostly because I didn’t have a red invisible zipper handy:

Here’s the back:

I suppose now that I’ve made two bird-themed Butterick 6820s I should be on the lookout for one more birdish fabric to use, right? Since good things come in threes?

Dresses: Day 73

I made this dress back in :

Here’s a closeup view of the bodice:

A few of the commenters on the original posting were all “Couldn’t you have matched the print?” and now I think they were right.

The bodice is , but I can’t remember what the skirt was (other than not Butterick 6820). It’s a good skirt, though, so I should figure it out … I think it’s the same skirt as from the .

Here’s the sleeve detail:

And pocket detail:

Here’s the side zip — a placket and ordinary (not invisible) zipper!

If you look not-all-that-closely you will see that the birds are UPSIDE DOWN on the back bodice:

Even though I had a traumatic pen accident with this dress, I can’t seem to take it out of my closet:

(There’s a [very old] picture of me wearing this dress .)