Dresses: Day 90

Another mystery dress, I’m afraid:

Seriously, I have no idea about this one. Don’t remember the pattern, don’t remember the fabric, don’t remember what occasion it was made for. Nada. If I drank I’d be worried that this was the product of some sewing blackout:

Center front seam — but no facing or fastening to justify it! The mystery continues:

Placket zipper, so probably before 2008:

Seams are way off:

And the whole back:

I’m not even sure why I kept this, I’m not even that enamored of the fabric. The whole thing is a puzzlement.

Dresses: Day 89

This is no longer a mystery dress pattern — it is So that’s settled.


It has that nice deep shaping pleat in the front:

Which I didn’t quite match:


Side zip, eh. At this point I almost feel that if you’ve seen one of my side zips, you’ve seen them all:


Pocket lining, very boring:


And the back:

This is definitely another of the dresses that maintains its place in my hoard solely because the fabric is wonderful. I love those little balloon-wielding Keystone Kops dudes …


Dresses: Day 88

This is dress is 1) , and 2) wrong:

It’s the same pattern as , and suffers from some of the same problems that were due to my inexperience, plus a few extra that can be attributed to me picking the wrong fabric, like this roly-poly facing here:

There’s not enough understitching in the WORLD to keep this heavy pique from rolling. I could have superglued it down and it still would have rolled.

It’s ironic that the one thing I love about this dress is it’s fatal flaw — see how gorgeous this fabric is? It’s not its fault that I made it into the wrong thing:

Trying to put a regular zipper in was rage-inducing — this here is the point where I said “I’ll just “:

And here’s the whole back:

I’d like to say that I keep this dress around as an object lesson in not letting your fabric and pattern be star-crossed lovers, but really I keep it around because … I still like it. I think “oh maybe if I …” then I take it out and fondle it for a bit, and then I get distracted by a dress I can actually make/fix/wear and then back it goes into the suspended-animation storage tub. I should really cut up that huge heavy skirt and turn it into dresses for my nieces, who are now just at the age where little shift dresses (which would be GREAT in this fabric) are perfect.

Oh — in -the-book news, did everyone see the perfect essay by John Waters on The Sack Dress in this month’s Bazaar? Unfortunately I can’t find it online, but it’s well worth grabbing the physical (US) magazine for.

Dresses: Day 87

Another … you guys are starting to get the idea that I’m pretty much a binge sewist, right? I find a pattern and just make it over and over until I can’t make it any more.

I actually bought this fabric in two colorways — this red/blue and a brown/maroon/green. I made a skirt from the brown colorway but I actually think I might have some of it left. Looking at this again I think “hmm, I should go dig that up …”

The facing here (I remember) is Kona quilting cotton:

Here’s a better look at matching the pattern at the center front seam:

And the bodice without the facing displayed (aka stealth mode). [Which now makes me want to write a book called “Steath Mode: The Secrets of Being Quietly Fashionable” and talk about all the luxury brands without visible labels, how to commission custom garments, etc. etc.]

Brightly colored zips make me happy:

And the back — this fabric is really lightweight (and soft, too, which you can’t really see in the pictures) so the back facing is very obvious:

Also, in news, thanks to Emily at Shell Chic’d for this !

Dresses: Day 86

Here’s another Vogue 9670, that I made .

This fabric looks like Liberty, but I don’t think it is, since I bought it in . (How old is that post? I’m talking about DIAL-UP INTERNET. That’s old, folks.)

Also, is there a place name more evocative of adventure than “Shanghai”? I suppose it’s possible to go to Shanghai and have a boring time, but I bet you have to work at it. I love Shanghai, both the name and the place. I mean, it’s even a verb! I’d go back to Shanghai like a shot if I had an excuse.

The facing here is bright pink, because, um, pink? My other choice was that buttercup yellow, and I couldn’t find a good-enough match.

The zip is pink, too. I keep thinking I’ll switch it out for one that doesn’t stand out so much, and then I never do.

The bias tape on the sleeve is that minty toothpaste blue, which doesn’t really go, but then again it’s not seen very often:

And here’s the back:

This dress is a lot of fun to wear; it’s extremely comfortable and the fabric has got a great hand to it. This is also one of the few things I wear that has this much purple in it — I’m not a fan of purple, not really sure why. I understand it’s a color that grows on you when you’re older; I saw some research somewhere about how your eyes perceive different wavelengths or perceive the same wavelengths differently or something (could I be more vague? no, I could not) and it somehow explained the tendency of older women to wear more orangey lipsticks. Which I thought was probably complete and utter BS, but that factoid has stayed with me and here we are, no better off than we were before, but prepared for the possibility, however remote, of someday feeling more kindly towards purple.

(And for those of you who are asking WHERE ARE THE DUROS? They are a-comin’. Hold tight!)

Dresses: Day 85

I had really, really high hopes for this :

I love the stripes on this fabric — and I matched them (on the front at least) pretty well:

I like the offset stripes of the neck facing:

The back stripes don’t match so much:

Unfortunately this dress is SUPERWRINKLY. I don’t usually care about wrinkles, but after three minutes in this dress you look like you’ve been hiding under the sink for three hours. It looked like this less than five minutes after ironing, only from the exertion of getting it on the dress form:

So I ended up not wearing it that often, and on one of the rare occasions when I did wear it, I also managed to rip it under the arm and I don’t think it’s easily fixable:

More photos on the , when I was still full of hope for this one. Oh well, good thing there’s plenty of fabric in the world, huh?

Dresses: Day 84

I have no idea what the name of this Liberty fabric is, but this pattern is :

Here, you can check out the fabric (it’s Liberty TWILL, how I wish they still made this regularly) and incidentally the matching at the seams:

I really like this neckline:

The split of the neck tends to flip open, so I made a virtue of necessity and gave it a bright facing:

I used the same bright orange for the pockets:

And the back:

I posted about this dress .