Ooh, links!

Check out this great dress from . I love everything about it:

Her whole blog is worth a visit. (Thanks to for the link!)

at LanetzLiving includes a picture of the previous owner wearing her version! So. Cool.

ModCloth did … a sartorial heroine, to be sure. (Thanks to for the link!) 

NancyKay sent a link to this — check it out: 

MEDIA UPDATE: I'm not sure what the overlap is between readers of this blog and of Scalzi's Whatever, but if you missed his blog a couple weeks back, he . (Awesome, yes.) And if you want to hear my opinions on the word "swagger" (and who doesn't, really) you can check out . And you all know I regularly write for the , yeah? (A reader of my blog told me last week she had no idea, so ….) And Wordnik is powering in the Wall Street Journal. Whew. I think that's it!



A Bunch of Links

That's what this is.

For instance, here's a link to Diana Eng's laser-cut (with REAL LASERS!) . (I feel as if we should all support any sartorial endeavor that involves REAL LASERS.)

Here's an that is going for an absurdly low price on eBay. Adrian! 

I feel like , recently captured by the Sartorialist, would be a kindred spirit.

The New York Times does its annual "" article. (But it's a nice one.)

Who makes ? The heroic seamstresses of Playtex. No kidding.

Has anyone been to the by the High Line? Please do tell!

Here's a from ModCloth. (It's like wearing a pattern story around your neck.)

And if you're wondering what I've been up to lately (aside from this blog), it's basically just been all and around here. 

Keep 'em coming, folks … 

You gotta see this

Today's list of gotta-sees:

! (at PurlBee)

Eirlys and her (so cute!)

This week's Spoonflower contest is ! And speaking of Spoonflower, check out Mina's … 

. I can't believe I haven't linked to this yet. I should send this woman a medal, she is my new hero.

I love this (!) but it's the styling pictures that really make it. 

Also: is so cute.

That is all.

It's Good To Be A Duke

Well, it was good to be Doris Duke — at least sartorially — check out this illustration of a Paquin dress that was made for her:

There's a lot more on the — well worth checking out, many thanks to Mary (the Doris Duke Collection Archivist) and to Kelly for the link!


Link Tuesday

Some links, for Tuesday:

by about Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. (If you're local to the Bay you should add Moya to your RSS list …)

. Thanks to for the link. Wait, why are you still reading this? Didn't you read the words ORANGE BUNNY FABRIC?

Oh, so you don't like bunnies? (That's un-possible.) Maybe you like bicycles? Okay, here's some .  

. I like it. (Thanks to Michelle for the link!) I also love .

Cool new project for ! We live IN THE FUTURE, people. (Pledge $25 and get your own Continuum pattern & instrux.) [Thanks to for the link.]

— makes the same dress style in multiple fabrics for women of all sizes. I think I'm in love — thanks to Luci for the link!

is either the apotheosis of wackaloon, or brilliant comedy. Not sure which.

A Few Quick Links for Monday

Thanks to (and Threads Magazine), I now know there is an . Dear developers: please make one for the Palm Pre & Android, too. 

Has anyone heard anything about ? I am hoping it will be like kickstarter.com, but for clothing … but I'm not feeling their "democratize fashion" tagline when everyone in their promo picture is a skinny white model. What would be really useful is if they connected would-be designers with someone like Kathleen at for some real-world advice, but that may be wishing for the moon … 

I still haven't written up the "How To Make Five Heidis and Not Go Crazy" post, but there's of me wearing one that I made in my Heidi binge. (For the Liberty obsessives out there: the lipstick I'm wearing is the incredibly bright MAC Liberty  shade.) 

Did you know ModCloth is doing a literary anthology? I love it when sites do things Just Because It's Cool. Check out their submission guidelines .

And I loved all of coverage of Quilt Market, and I am marking my calendar to watch for these in the fall. Oooh!