I just picked up

… this fabric, at the sale (Suzette! Sorry I missed you! Leah! Nice running into you!): 

Yep, polished cotton, with polka-dots the way the good Lord intended them to be: fist-sized.

What should I make? Did I mention that there was SEVEN and SEVEN-EIGHTHS yards of it? Which I bought for $23? (Some days I'm so darn lucky that it's a wonder I'm not killed by angry bystanders on the spot.)

I got some other stuff too, including as much vintage bias tape as I could carry. Pics to come. 

Triple Fabric Score!

So there's now Scrabble fabric , who knew? (Well, Monique and Mary Teri did, thanks for the link!)

I'm notoriously bad at Scrabble, but maybe a shirtdress made of Scrabble fabric will give me magical powers? Worth a shot. With wooden Scrabble tiles as buttons, of course. (I couldn't find those on Etsy, which completely surprised me. You'd think someone was doing that, wouldn't you?)

By The Numbers

I love this (admittedly blinding) vintage cotton numbers fabric from Etsy seller , but there's only a yard of it. What to do?

There is no excuse to ever be bored, by the way, if you have internet access and can type "novelty fabric" into Etsy's search window. You are sure to find stuff like this:

and this: 

My favorite thing about Etsy is that it seems to run to quilting-lengths, which I'm hardly ever tempted to buy (my fabric-buying philosophy being "go big or go home"). So it's pure window-shopping. Even when confronted with . 

Cutest Fabric Ever

Yes, those are little orange and green books on a black background! Isn't that adorable? I bought it on eBay yonks ago — I bought it actually while sitting on a plane (thanks, GoGo Wireless!) and yesterday I was ALSO sitting on a plane, which reminded me that I'd never posted about this fabric.

I don't have a ton of it — four yards, maybe, but it's vintage fabric so it's very narrow, under 42 inches wide. What would you do with this fabric? 


Can't Hardly Wait

I have some of this fabric coming my way:


I'm sure you can see (ha!) why I'm really looking (ha!) forward to it. 

If you want some, too, it's all over Etsy. I grabbed this image from . 

I haven't sewn with Echino before — anything I should watch out for? Not quite sure what this will be yet, either.