Never Fails

So, just as things start turning to fall (here in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) I always find one piece of summer fabric that I just HAVE to have: 

This stuff reminds me of those tubes of frozen colored sugar water that every kid under the age of eight loves. Otter Pops? Anyway, there it was at Fabric Mart Fabrics, and I had to have it. I'm sure you all understand. And they have , at this writing … 

Here's a closeup:

This is going to be … I don't quite know yet. But whatever it's going to be, it's probably not going to be that until next March, at the earliest. Summer fabric is going into hibernation for a few months. 

Well Hello, Kitty

Y'all have already seen the new from Liberty, yes? (Thanks to Sherri for reminding me to post about this.) I love the idea but I'm slightly meh about the execution. It's too floral for me. Where are my beloved geometrics?

Oh, here they are, from their "Rock Star" (oh, sorry, "") line: 

Turns out . Who knew? (The whole is pretty cool, actually.)

The other disappointment is that only the Tana Lawn is available on their site, although supposedly the fabric is also available in the (much more versatile) poplin weave as well. (Dear Liberty, Please make more poplin. Also, how about a "Famous Scientists Design for Liberty" line? Love, Erin.)

Do you have a favorite in the new line? 

Fall Fabric Splurge

Couldn't help myself — had fabric:

Such a perfect fabric for autumn, don't you think? Once the months start ending with "-ber," I start thinking about olive. For some reason olive just feels right for fall. I'm not sure what dress this will turn into, but it will probably be accessorized with tights, a scarf, a slice of pumpkin bread, and a cup of hot chocolate. (Or possibly a pocketful of leftover Halloween candy. Those orange-wrapped peanut butter chews, amirite?)

Of course, I haven't completely let go of summer yet … this was on sale, and it would take a much, much stronger woman than me to pass this up:

This might be another …

What's your fall fabric splurge?




So thanks to , I now know about Etsy seller section. In short: it is the best selection of terrifying textiles extant.

This is the one that got me:

Yep, that's "Squirrel Kicking Dog In Face Vintage Cotton Fabric". (It does what it says on the tin!)

I'm assuming this was originally intended for pediatric scrubs to be worn at the Our Lady of Inappropriate Cartoons Children's Hospital, but I'm open to other theories. 

Can't Resist

Of the small number of things I truly can't resist (apply at the address below for full list), dotted swiss is possibly the most inexplicable:

Especially baby-doll pink dotted swiss. What gives? Am I a Madame Alexander doll? Did growing up in the 1970s, with a plaid first communion dress (trufax!) warp me for life, and set up an unslakeable craving for little-girl clothes? Should I just say the heck with it and go full-on ? (Um, no. As much as I admire their dedication …) I don't know, but this is the fourth piece of dotted swiss I've bought in the past year. (Purchased: 4. Sewn: 0)

Any explanations considered. Or … suggestions for patterns to use up all this dotted swiss? Ones that won't make me look like a renegade milkmaid, please.

Liberty Report: First Prize

I did promise some posts about the fabric I bought in the UK, and here's the first, about a pattern called "First Prize" that I love:

I bought some a couple of years back (probably on eBay) and made with it. I waffled a bit about buying it in the navy colorway, since I hate navy shoes, but it's a very dark navy, and besides, I recently bought some kiltie-style heels that are the exact tan of the tan in this print. So there's that settled.

That said, I have no idea what this will be. Not another Duro. Possibly a shirtdress, if I bought enough. Whatever it becomes, I think of it as an early-October dress, with a light blue cardigan and a pocket full of those terrible-wonderful peanut-butter taffy candies that you only see around Halloween, wrapped in orange and black waxed paper. 

You don't have to go all the way to Liberty to get this fabric — it's online at (where I bought it in-person), here.

Okay, Now What?

So I bought some of this cotton lace () and now I'm at a loss as to what to do with it. It seems summery … in a Sophia Loren kind of way. I've never been much good at Sophia-Lorening, so any alternate suggestions of What To Do With Black Cotton Lace would be much appreciated.

Other things I'm not good at, sartorially, in case you need a list:

  • the long boho dress with flat sandals and flat hair
  • any look that requires a David-Bowie/Grace-Jones slash of colored makeup across the face (it gets all over my glasses)
  • shiny satin cocktail dresses with diamante clips
  • and, of course,

I can see a kind of kicky 60s-shift swimsuit coverup (with patch pockets!), but considering I'd probably get more use out of a hazmat suit, I'm looking for other ideas …