It’s Not Easy Being Cool

I bought some TOTALLY RADICAL patches when I was in Vancouver:



I have honestly no idea what I will do with these (I briefly considered sewing the second patch on to something of my son’s as an EPIC TROLL) but they have given me far more than fifty cents (CANADIAN!) of giggles so there’s that.

And no, I have not been invited to any 80s-themed parties (well, not since the 1980s when every party was 80s-themed by default) and I’d rather not sully my Levi’s trucker jacket with these. Other ideas?


Submitted for Your Disapproval

From NancyKay, who forwarded this to me with the subject line "":


The sad thing is that in 1980-whatever, I might have actually wanted to wear this, sans puffy sleeves. 


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