I'm Only Happy When It's Complicated

It may just be the crashing head cold I have while writing this (blogging on Dayquil: the package doesn't say you shouldn't do it) but this dress seems really appealing right now:

I like this color blue (or is it green?), and the pleats in the skirt, and the odd collar. Not entirely sure how I feel about the descended pocket, but I'm willing to take it under consideration. The whole thing is more than a little Star-Trekky; not in a bad way, in some future Star Trek universe where Martha Stewart and her heirloom-chicken-egg colors had their way with the petroleum-based fabrics of the future. 

Did I mention I like those skirt pleats? I really do. It's a complicated dress, and I don't care how much disheveled hair and leather bracelet and casually.jpgcked grassy/flower things you add to the picture, it's still going to be complicated. And note that you can't see any shoes in the picture, I have no idea what you'd wear with these. (Round-toe pumps with a low square heel is my best guess.)

This is one of those dresses, though, that look best on body types that are 80% limb; and, of course, on models who are pogoing up and down for the camera. I know that jumping makes the clothes move and everything look alive, but jeez, it seems a bit hard on the knees. And, really, how much jumping up and down do we do in our day-to-day lives? (Maybe if you're a game-show contestant? A trampoline tester? Pogo-stick demonstrator?)

It's for sale. In , although it looks like you can buy it with NZ money, too. Speaking of Australia, I'll be there in . Should we try for a meetup?  

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