YAWD (yet another winterish dress)

I made another dress like this one, right down to also using Liberty Lantana fabric:

The name of this particular print is “Haberdashery”, and I fell in love with the weird faux-patchwork:

(“Haberdashery” is a fairly stupid name to call a Liberty print, because it is nigh-unGoogleable, but here it is iffen you need some. Looks like it comes in a nice , too.)

And OF COURSE there is piping:

And on the pockets:

Here’s the zipper (bonus piping view):

And the back:

I forgot to take a picture, but the neck facing is the as in the flower print (or near-enough as makes no nevermind). (Because that’s the sort of thing that makes me weirdly happy.)

This variation has a much longer skirt, nearly tea-length, so that it looks better (in my head) with ankle boots. (Does it actually look better? Who knows.) If you want to see how it looks on, I wore it to give .

3 thoughts on “YAWD (yet another winterish dress)

  1. love the piping, great job on the dress. I not sure about the length, while I love tea length I also think it would work in knee or just below.


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