Dots at Liberty

I don’t think I’ve posted about this yet — it’s a hybrid Frankendress of Liberty Schlesinger (which I’ve used before and still think looks like a cricket-ball print) with the bodice from  and the same skirt (only deeper pleats) as this dress (). Okay, that was confusing. Perhaps the pictures will make it easier:

Here’s the (added) side pockets and side zipper:

The deep back pleat in the skirt:

The collar (you can see the mustardy bias tape I used to finish it — probably should have used gray. (It matched more in my head.)

I used the method on this collar, and it rolled really nicely at the edge:

Here’s the whole back view:

I made this three different times early this spring but I suppose I never got around to posting them? A search doesn’t turn anything up. I have pictures of the other two as well, so I’ll try to get them up soon.

4 thoughts on “Dots at Liberty

  1. So cute. I especially love the deep pleat in the back… it’s so flattering when worn!
    And that yellow bias tape adds such a fun pop of color, in a retro way… I wouldn’t worry about it matching perfectly!

    ❤ dani


  2. Pockets and a side zipper and a frankenpattern! And the result is very cute ….. Thanks for the link about the collar, which I’ll investigate. And I agree about the cricket balls ☺️


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