Piping Merrily Along

This dress is all about the piping:

Okay, it’s also about being in one of my all-time favorite Liberty prints, , but mostly it’s about this gathered-shoulder silhouette:

And if you’re going to pipe the shoulder seams, you must pipe the pockets as well (it’s the law):

The shoulder piece makes this really nicely satisfying curved seam at the back neck (ignore my rolling-facing issues):

The shoulder/sleeve has a turnunder for hemmish purposes, which is a feature I always like. Makes things simpler:

Here’s the back view, a bit wrinkly as I wore this for a few hours before taking these pictures:

Last but not least, the full front view:

This pattern is Simplicity 2389 (well, for the bodice, the skirt is that much-adjusted Simplicity 5238). (All rollover text in this post from the .)

There’s still something wonky going on with the side bodice seams, and the fabric is a bit light for the deep front pleat, but I really like this dress. It’s very light and comfortable without feeling skimpy (although the front V is slightly lower than I usually wear). The sleeves are great for full range of motion (have you realized that too-tight armholes are one of my pet peeves, yet?)

There’s another version of this in a , that’s in pieces on my sewing table — hope to have it finished and posted soon.

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  1. This post has everything – class Dressaday. Liberty, piping, discussion of dressmaking techniques and outcome, fab dress AND mouseover quotes.


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