Dresses: Day 98

For no real reason, here are two corduroy dresses:

This dress is a ; here’s a better look at the bodice:

It’s Liberty, of course, but I don’t remember the name of the pattern. (I really have to get better about that … of course, my purchase predated Pinterest, which I now use as a .) Here’s the about it.

I didn’t do the neck button/buttonhole; I knew I’d never button it up that high, since the fabric is so thick (choking … can’t breathe …):

The cuff:

The back:

Here’s the other corduroy dress, also Liberty (this print is called “Robin”), :

The side zip (and pocket, which you can’t see):

I made the pockets in this one in a fabric that is just too lightweight, and the contrast between the too fabrics is a bit too harsh, and has led to some stress fraying at the seam. I’ve had to fix it twice. Not great.

The bias trim on the neckline (my favorite part):

And the back:

I was going to add one more corduroy dress to this post, but it was so darn hot when I was pressing them for photos that I just couldn’t bear it. So , just in case you’re curious.

4 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 98

  1. It is difficult to be looking at long-sleeved, corduroy dresses when it is 97 degrees outside… Fall is coming, fall is coming, fall is coming. And, sadness, only 2 days left of 100 wonderful glimpses into your closet.


  2. I love corduroy. And I especially love the festive print of the second one in this post. I never think to use corduroy in a sleeveless pattern but it looks great. The bias binding really sets it off perfectly.


  3. I’ve just read THE HUNDRED DRESSES TWICE AND LOVED IT.did you miss the very sleeveless tent dress. I made one and stuck sequins all over it with glue. The fabric was a nylon chiffon in pale pink printed with bubbles in darker pinks. It was a cocktail dress, so comfortable and lightweight. I piped the hem which weighted it a bit but not too much.
    As for Dresses I have had at least half of them and I had such fun wearing them. Thank you.


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