Dresses: Day 96

One last before we get to the end:

The bodice:

The collar:

The pockets:

The side zip:

The back:

I originally posted this one … stripey socks and boots! Makes me start longing for autum/winter …


3 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 96

  1. Love this thoroughly claret-colored post with all it’s roll-over addendums! I think Robert Lewis Stevenson was a closet-sewist! —> “I took off my coat, and set to mending it, soldier-fashion, with a needle and thread. There is nothing more conducive to thought, above all in arduous circumstances; and as I sewed I gradually gained a clearness upon my affairs. I must be done with the claret-colored chaise at once. It should be sold at the next stage for what it will bring. Rowley and I must take back to the road on our four feet . . . . “


  2. Have you ever tried an in-pleat pocket?
    I can’t live without pockets in dresses, but I have never seen one like this: separates the side zip from the pocket.


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