Dresses: Day 95

This is another recent addition:

This is a mashup dress, a Frankendress. It’s the bodice from this pattern:

And the skirt from this one:

I didn’t do the little notch thing on the bodice, because I wanted something simple. I like the raglan sleeve, very comfy:

Here’s the side zip:

And the back:

I was looking for something simple I could make quickly, and this really fit the bill. This was my first-draft version; I think it worked out well. I added a little too much room at the waist, so it’s slightly baggy in this picture, but otherwise it fits, and the deep skirt pleats make it fun to wear. In the next version I will attach the (added) pockets at the waist seam, too, because they get too heavy for just the side seam (what with all the stuff I jam into them) and I might also shorten the skirt another inch. But other than that it’s very wearable as-is!

This fabric is part of my … I think all I have left from that trip is the orange bandana print!

6 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 95

  1. the manic candy-striper is scaring me.

    that looks like a fab dress for bright accessories, there isn’t a cardigan/shoe combo it won’t go with (well maybe not navy or brown).


  2. I think this might be my favorite of the dresses because of the black and white graphic print. love the raglan sleeves too. If this dress were mine I would probably wear it every week.


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