Dresses: Day 93

So I have more dresses left than days left to post them in (adhering strictly to the hundred-days requirement) so I’ll be doubling up a bit for this last week … so here’s a giant post of all my crossword-themed dresses! These were all worn to the …

Here’s the :

The neck gathering/piping is truly atrocious (you can’t tell this was a rush job AT ALL, can you?):

Scalloped hem. Why? Well, why not?

It was kind of a waste because you can’t even tell the hem is scalloped:

You can tell, however, that I didn’t have a regular zipper in black OR white and had to put in (I kid you not) a big ol’ plastic SEPARATING ZIPPER:

For some reason the dress I made in 2008 didn’t turn up after a fairly extensive search of the house and grounds. Huh. (Perhaps it didn’t want to be associated with the dress above?) Well, the pictures from are pretty decent …

Here’s the :

Futura pockets!

The bodice (yeah it’s all upside down, I just wanted to add to the difficulty level for the people filling in the puzzle [joke]):

Full back:

Here’s the :

I tried to match the grid across the pockets:

I actually like the fading of this particular print, as it makes it look more newsprinty, but since the bias edging didn’t fade AT ALL (of course, why would it?), I don’t like the contrast:

The back (you can see the fading more here):

If you want your own crossword puzzle fabric, there is usually some floating around on eBay/Etsy, or you can try Spoonflower — details of the fabric I used are .


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  1. Only a week left? Oh no! I have truly enjoyed the parade of dresses this summer. Thank you for all the posts. I have looked forward to each day.


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