Dresses: Day 80

Another day, another Heidi:

This one was back in 2010:

I think that this fabric fell into the category of “there isn’t possibly enough for a full-skirted dress but I love it so much I will buy it anyway,” and then voila! there was enough for a Heidi. It’s a nice crisp corded cotton with a gorgeous hand. In my opinion, there is not enough corded cotton in the world. Why doesn’t Liberty make corded cotton? I shall write a letter.

The side zip, pretty good:

And the back view.

I wore this one on Sunday with , which are, in my opinion, the coolest and most comfortable ones I’ve ever owned (they seem pricey now but they were on sale a while back):

Amazingly comfortable and really good for those of us with wider feet — they can be adjusted at both the ankle and toe, so you don’t have that thing where your ankles are swimming and your toes are pinched, which is the worst. Highly recommended. I got the black; if there are any in my size left at the end of summer sale I may be tempted to get the brown or even the denim-y blue colorways …

6 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 80

  1. It’s hard to explain … you often see it in men’s shorts, in blue and white — it has a raised warp (?) so if you run your fingernails over it you feel little ridges. Like a twill weave, but not diagonal, if that makes any sense.


  2. I’m not really sure why, but I find the angled white elements framing the neck opening wonderful. Also like the way you connected the print across the waist, especially the back. Tough to get something that looks good with such a large and uneven print, with darts no less. It’s not matched, but your eye finds the continuity.


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