Dresses: Day 77

Today’s dress is another , in a Liberty print that I don’t know the name of. I don’t know why I don’t make this more often …

Oh wait, maybe I do … it’s a pretty dress.

Yellow buttons again. I really like yellow buttons.

Towards the end I realized that the buttonholes were going to need more reinforcement than the Liberty Tana lawn was capable of, so I quick-and-dirty basted some silk organza down the front facing:

This dress is five years old, and the bias tape I used to finish the collar was probably about fifty years old, going by the original packaging. So it’s showing its age a bit:

I topstitched the collar, for pretty much no reason:

The funniest thing about this dress: I’m pretty sure I put in that back bodice piece upside down. I just eased it until it worked. Oh well!

I don’t have a full-length back picture of this one, for some reason.

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