Dresses: Day 76

I had really high hopes for this :

I love the pink and red and gray colorway:

I kind of bailed on trying to match the stripes, since I think it’s impossible to match stripes and gathers:

Pockets, lined in batiste:

Side zip:

The whole dress is lined in batiste, actually:

I’m not sure why I lined the dress, the fabric didn’t really need it. Probably just to see if I could:

But this is why I hardly ever wear it, and why it’s going in the Goodwill pile, finally — there’s a subtle flaw in the fabric and I managed to cut it right across the front bodice. Arrgh:

I know it’s almost imperceptible, but I know it’s there, and it drives me crazy. So … oh well. I scrutinize fabric a LOT more now, especially bargain fabrics (which this was). If I find a flaw, I mark it (on BOTH sides) with blue painters tape, so that I can’t help but see it when I’m cutting.

3 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 76

  1. It’s good you lined the bodice. Otherwise, you would have had to cut facings to conceal the raw tape of the cording on the inside of the sleeves and to finish off the top of the zipper. I guess you could have used bias tape, but this looks better! So sorry to see it go!


  2. > I think it’s impossible to match stripes and gathers

    I just pick the dominant stripe and try to match that. For that to work, you have to pick an integer ratio, e.g. gathering 1:2.

    For this dress, if I had enough fabric, I would have centered the white stripes on the CB for both the bodice and skirt.

    Sending the dress to GW is a good plan. I think you will still have enough to wear. 😉


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