Dresses: Day 69

There’s only a month left of dresses! Here’s today’s, another inhabitant of the depths of my closet:

This is one of those dresses that is really all about the print and the trim. I know I still have this pattern somewhere, but I have no idea where it is. It was so much fun to find the piping and binding:

Here’s a full view:

And a closeup of the sleeve binding:

And I really love this print. I know I bought it on eBay, probably back in 2005.

Side zip:

I made this dress . It’s interesting to take it out and look at it now — I feel like my sewing skills have progressed a lot since then. For example, I don’t think I would have done this:

Full back view:


6 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 69

  1. Oh no, only a month left? Will you still blog though? Please say yes. This current “inhabitant of the depths of [your] closet” is such a cutie-pie. May be my most favorite, though there are many that crowd into ‘my favorite’ category. Piping and binding, color scheme, popcycle-cart themed drawings, design and drape —-> all terrific. Such a happy-go-lightly dress! And your droll closet-stand-up-comedian quip, “I feel like my sewing skills have progressed a lot since then. For example, I don’t think I would have done this:” . . . as we see a pic of the back neck bias seam mickey-moused together —-> left me chortling. Invaluable to view and hear about your sewing adventures/misadventures. FYI: I found you by coming across your book “The Secret Lives Of Dresses” at the library. It was displayed up on a little stand. I’d never heard of you, but was drawn in by the yellow dress/aqua-facade book cover, the title, and the words “Never Underestimate the Power of Vintage”. BIG SMILE! Read it. Complete love affair with it. Bought it. Read it again making notes in the margins. Googled to find out ‘who is this person Jo Bob’ anyway! And here I am . . .


  2. ice-lolly doesn’t have quite the same spirit as popsicle.

    So summery and cheery and the subtle shaping on the cap sleeve is very nice.


  3. I adore this dress and have since you first posted it. I dreamt I emailed you asking you to re-post this one, and in the dream you replied that you left it in New York so there’d be something to cool off with when you go back to visit.


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