Dresses: Day 49

I’ve held off on posting this dress for some time, first of all because the photos are fuzzy:

Which may be because the fabric itself is fuzzy:

It’s supposedly Liberty (when I bought it from Fabric.com the invoice called it “Liberty Of London Seymour Poplin Everyboby Burgundy”) but it’s not Tana Lawn, and it’s not really poplin. It’s not very nice compared to either, I’m afraid. I’m wondering if the print was licensed. It has a kind of rough feel, like a cheap sheet. The fabric is also available from , so I’ve been tempted to reorder it, as I really like the pattern. (I like this , too.)

The zipper turned out nicely, though:

Here it is from the back. Obviously, the scribbles make my camera lose focus. It’s like a secret power!

The other reason I’ve held off on posting this one is that I couldn’t remember what pattern I used to make it! After a little sewing-room archaeology (remember that scene in Temple of Doom? The one with the big rock? That’s what it’s like digging stuff out of my sewing room) I thought it was this one:


But now I think I’m still wrong. The collar is round, not pointed, and the skirt is pleated, not gathered. What do you think? I will have to keep searching …

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