Dresses: Day 27

Got a little bit of a late start today … but I bet you know what’s coming: another ! And it’s a rare solid-fabric example of Erin-sewing, too:

You know how the camera adds ten pounds? Mine adds ten wrinkles.

This zipper is … not great.

Here’s the back:

And, of course, solid fabric means patterned pocket lining! This is Liberty:

I posted this one about a year ago, so if you want to see it on me, well, .

4 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 27

  1. Does chambray count as a solid then? I spend too much time with knitters, I’d call that a ‘semi-solid’ (hand dyed yarn is big with knitters)

    I do like chambray, it has such texture and movement and sobriety and interest. This shows of the shape of the dress really well, it’s easy to see why it’s such a favourite.


  2. I find the combination of workmen’s fabric (chambray) with utilitarian pockets very satisfying on an intellectual level. But, the surprise of hidden Liberty print pocket linings gives me paroxysms of delight.


  3. I’d love to know more about how you accessorize these dresses, as I’m guessing they aren’t meant to be worn on their own. (Liberty print sneakers? Swoon!)


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