Dresses: Day 26

Oh so guess what pattern I used to make today’s dress?

Yep, another . (That 1577 is still just the pattern number, not the grand total of versions I have made. Yet.)

Here’s a closer look at the bodice:

And in natural light:

This is Liberty Lemonia in the cotton poplin, which I can’t find extant anywhere anymore, although I did find this luscious (and expensive, of course!) . Has anyone ordered from them before? They have some really … but they don’t ship to the US.

This zipper, again, is no better than a C:

And here’s the back …

I haven’t worn this 1577 as much as it deserves, mostly because I’m always stumped by what shoes to wear with it. are my favorite, but I don’t really wear heels on a daily (or weekly, or honestly, even monthly) basis any more … Ideally I would find the perfectly-pale-blue Keds to wear with this, but they don’t seem to exist. (Dear Keds, Y U NO have a custom-Keds site? Take that money you’re paying T-Swift and team up with Pantone instead. I would spend all my money there so I could have matching Keds for everything.)



7 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 26

  1. A British company, Hotter, makes (among other styles) keys-style sneakers including some grey dotted that look like a possible match….

    No association with them, I was just flipping thru an ad from them prior to checking today’s dress and saw the possibility.

    Enjoying your series very much…..



  2. What a wonderful series! I’ve enjoyed reading every post. This quilt is lovely too. Thanks so much.
    You must alter your patterns to add the side zip; very few I see have it. Are there any special tricks?


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